• Work with Others

    Practice working with others in a safe environment. To pass this course you need to show sufficient skill in helping others to find Flow.

  • Comprehensive Toolkit

    Gain access to a toolkit of session plans, coaching techniques, do's and don'ts, and skills that will give you the confidence to help others find Flow.

  • Personalised System

    It helps to have a system to give a backbone to your coaching. We will take you through the TFC's system and help you create one that works for you in your niche.


Working with Others is a journey that you will never forget. Why? The tools you learn on this course and the feedback you will receive, will help shape not only your professional capacity but also how you interact with people. If you are looking to add a skill set, help others find Flow, or require a system to maximise your ability to help others then this course will tick all these boxes.  

The Flow Centre is trusted by a variety of elite performers, CEO's, schools, government organisations and businesses globally to maximise flow, performance, creativity and motivation. Now is your chance to learn how we do what we do. This course gives you a practical and philosophical framework to work with others. Obtaining the Flow Coach certificate you will enhance your credibility, learn to operate at the highest standards of performance and scientific rigour.

Regardless of what you may be coaching and to who or where, becoming a Flow Coach raises your ability to connect, empower, and drive learning and growth. Understanding how to teach others to find their own Flow adds a whole new level of value to what you do. You will learn a host of new skills and techniques to amplify your effectiveness.


Enhance Credibility &  Add Value to Your Coaching


What We Do

During this course we will go over the core coaching values of helping people to find Flow and what they mean. For example, we will examine how Integrity, Empowerment, Respect, Accountability, Positivity, and Being Present can give you a backbone to your interactions. We will look at how flow coaching differs from other types of coaching, self-development and performance coaching. We will go through The Pathway to FlowTM through the lens of helping others to find Flow. We will create the space to experiment, apply new skills, gain feedback and then integrate these skills into your ability to work with others. We will workshop what works and what doesn't, common issues, and how to make a living from becoming a Flow Coach. We will discuss structures for presentations and talks, and help you to pitch yourself with authority in your domain. We will take time to uncover your strengths and weakness and together build a vision and plan that you can action when the course finishes, you will go through a process of examining how you will work with others, practically how this will work, and learn about some of the most common pitfalls. Passing the course is not guaranteed, certification requires sufficient competence in a number of skills. If you have not shown proficiency by the end of the course, and require extra training or supervision, extra costs may be required.

Whether you are starting your own business, working as a teacher, or wanting to join TFC as a TFC Flow Coach, we will be able to give you feedback on your chosen path and help shape your future.

What You Receive?

All graduates will be a certified Flow Coach from TFC. You will learn cutting edge coaching techniques used by elite performers, practical Flow coaching skills, session plans and templates, how to structure your marketing materials, tools designed to facilitate Flow coaching and a stream of ongoing ideas and tips to use in your work. We will look at your holistic picture, help you shape your story, and get the best out of yourself. You will have a chance to receive ongoing support and supervision, feedback on your coaching, and mentoring for your career. The Flow Centre is a global community. By becoming part of this community the peer-to-peer support and learning available is a stand alone reason to become a Flow Coach.

We hope to see you on the course,

Cameron, Sue, and The Flow Centre Team

Course Curriculum

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How much?

The price includes everything you need. Prices are in $Australian. $4,995 is approx £2,770 / €3,050 / US$3575.

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