• Meta-Theories

    A comprehensive look into the meta-theories that underpins Flow, human performance and well-being. Enjoy a ream of cutting edge research.

  • Holistic Integration

    This goes beyond finding Flow in your activity but how we can integrate Flow into your life. This is the most integrative course we offer.

  • Personal Mentoring

    We go beyond 1-to-1 coaching and support you through the thick and thin of your integrations. Everything you need will be at your fingertips.


Level 3 offers a progression from Level 2 and is our ultimate course that takes being a Flow Seeker to whole a new level. WARNING! This course can be life-changing. We examine all areas of your life from your relationships to your career and ensure Flow is congruent throughout.

What We Do 

You will learn how to adopt an autotelic personality, engage in enactive learning methodologies, examine human need fulfilment, further a resilient and growth, and take action to re-wiring the brain towards a Flow mindset. We will cover fundamental psychological theories around motivation, confidence, consciousness and acceptance such as Self-Determination Theory, Self-Efficacy Theory, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. We will identify how your current targeted activities interact with the the Zone of Optimal Functioning and what this means to your stressors, anxiety and arousal responses. We will examine the Scientific Signature of FlowTM and how best to reverse engineer it. You will come away with specific flow skills surrounding how to manage your motivations, emotions and attention. You will learn how to interact with your multiple intelligence centres, stack your sensory input, induce trance states, distort time, notions of self and the sense of connection we infrequently feel. You will be able to harness your body, develop energetic connections, and wrap it all together in a personalised Flow training programme. 

What You Receive? 

Level 3 gives you the ultimate TFC certification on everything Flow. You become an exclusive member of our academy graduates and may benefit from future collaborations with TFC. You will present your flow training programme to the founders of TFC, receive private 1-to-1 coaching from them, and most importantly have a personalised mental training programme that is relevant for all aspects of your life to help you give you the life you want to live. 

Course Structure 

Level 3 is part online training and part face-to-face training over a long wkd. The location is variable each year and designed to maximise your learning and experience. You will get to meet an amazing group of people and put theory into action.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Level 3 - Integrating Flow
    • Welcome
    • Choose Your Activity
    • Benchmarking - Level 3
    • The Pathway to Flow- Overview
    • Step 1- Theory
    • Step 1- Mindset - Exercise
    • Step 2 - Preparation - Theory
    • Step 2 - Preparation - Exercises
    • Step 3- Theory
    • Step 3 - Immersion - Exercises
    • Setting a Flow Ritual
    • 1-to-1 Session
    • The Presentation
    • Growth Assessment - Level 3

How much?

Benefit from a one off price, or pay monthly to match your cash flow. Prices in $Australian. AU$3450 is approx £1910 / €2130 / US$2480